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کنترل ، مدیریت و افزایش صدا و کیفیت اسپیکر با Speakerphone Cont

کنترل ، مدیریت و افزایش صدا و کیفیت اسپیکر با Speakerphone Control v2.3

با این برنامه کاربردی که سایت رز دانلود در اختیار شما قرار میدهد میتوانید صدا و کیفیت اسپیکر خود را افزایش دهید. این نرم افزار با  دارا بودن فیلتر های مناسب کیفیت صدای دریافتی و ارسالی شما را افزایش می دهد. افزون بر این برنامه فوق قادر است کنترل و مدیریت حجم صدا در اختیار شما قرار دهد.

پیش نیاز: اندروید ۲٫۱ و بالاتر

ویژگی کلیدی نرم افزار  :
- اسپیکر اتوماتیک برای تماس ها
- دارا بودن ۵ ابزارک
- امکان استفاده از سنسور نزدیکی ( Proximity)



   Separate Speakerphone Volume Control ★
Auto Speakerphone ★
Positional Speakerphone X 2 ★
Proximity Speakerphone ★
۵Widgets ★

Speakerphone Volume Control – A simple tool that allows you to control the speakerphone volume without any effort. When the speakerphone is turned on the volume will adjust to the preset volume automatically!

Auto Speakerphone – Incoming and outgoing calls can be automatically routed through the speakerphone. Perfect for *near* hands free driving.

Positional Speakerphone – Puts phone calls in speakerphone mode when the phone is placed in a preset position of choice. Two different positions can be set. *Speakerphone turns on but is not reflected on the speakerphone button.
*Accelerometer sensor required to function properly.

Proximity Speakerphone – Use the proximity sensors to work with the ability to enable and disable the speakerphone based on how close the phone is to your ear. *Proximity sensor required to function properly.

Widgets – Five useful widgets to help stay informed of which settings are active.

Option menu for volume adjustment, notifications and setting positions for Positional Speakerphone. Names can be given to each speakerphone position to display within the app and/or when the feature is turned on by a widget.

Android only provides one ‘In-call volume’ this app allows you to have two distinct volume controls, the regular phone volume and the speakerphone volume.

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For knowing when phone call has started and ended. Used by Speakerphone Volume Control, Auto Speakerphone, Positional Speakerphone

MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS – Adjusts the volume, used by Speakerphone Volume Control
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – Know when phone has just been reset. Used to fix issues with notifications and in app features swapping after reboots.
VIBRATE – Provides vibrations when buttons are pressed.
BLUETOOTH – Gives options for when a bluetooth headset is connected

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