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ماشین درو Grain Reapers – دانلود بازی اندروید

رز دانلود : در غرب دور جایی وجود دارد که مردم آنجا زندگی خود را با غلات میگذرانند و قانونی در ان یافت نمیشود . در روزی مهاجمانی که از جنگی بزرگ بر گشته بودن برای رفع نیاز های خود به مزرعه های آنها حمله ور میشوند و حماسه یک بازی زیبای استراتژیکی را برای شما بازی دوستان می آفرینند تا شما را برای دفاع با ابزار های کشاورزی آشنا کنند.

پیش نیاز : سیستم اندروید ۲٫۰٫۱ به بالا



GRAIN REAPERS – A space western action/strategy Game featuring Pirate Grains!

On the far west of the galaxy where the law can’t reach, groups of space Pirate Grains fight each other for gold and fame. Help the Grain Reapers become the most feared and respected group of all time. Be prepared to loot arid planets, scare small towns, rob banks and shoot beans, peanuts, and other mean Grains in this action/strategy game.

Grain Reapers is a 3D turn based Game that consists in giving orders to your units at each turn. You can, for example, command them to move, shot or use Power-ups, then see the Grains crazily shoot each other. Usually, the main objective is to kill every unit on the enemy team while not letting them kill yours.

Current Game Features Overview:
- 13 awesome levels
- 8 playable grains – a sniper peanut, a chain gun coffee bean, artillery corns, and others
- 8 different unlockable power-ups – heal, enrage, shield and more
- Unlockable Tribal Tech skin
- And much more to come!

If you enjoy the game, you can opt in to an in-game crowdfunding campaign to help us build the Western Galaxies expansion, taking the gameplay to a new level, including an upgradable ship for your grains to travel the stars in search of fame and fortune in a vast galaxy map and the option to promote your grains to Generals for enhanced firepower and battlefield domination.

This game was tested on the following devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, Note, Note 2 and Galaxy Tab 10
- Dell Streak
- Motorola Milestone 2


فرمت : RAR

حجم : ۱۲۰ , ۷  مگابایت

  دریافت  Grain Reapers

رمز : ندارد

منبع : رز دانلود [www.RoseDownload.ir]

رز دانلود